A Rolex Replica A Story – An Interview with Roger Federer

“I realized I could become the first Swiss tennis player in the world, and I think I might be able to make the difference.”

My hometown of Switzerland, for the achievements of the present I have a far-reaching impact. Later, I found myself or may become the first Swiss tennis player in the world. I feel that I may be able to achieve unprecedented success, so I will go forward with this mentality, from the opponent, he has a chance to break the record and love to participate in the game inspired and inspired.

“Every time I look at the replica watch, the picture of that day will be visible.”

Roger Federer
Then in 2009 I won the French Open for the first time and prepared to go to Wimbledon to try to break Pete Sampras’ Grand Slam record. I can not think of Roddick (Roddick) after five rounds of intense duel, the final victory and successfully break the record. We struggled in the game, until the last game I only slightly upper hand, and win the race. When I lift the trophy, I was wearing a replica rolex watch.
Rolex Replica
This replica watches is far-reaching for me, whenever I watch the replica watch, the picture of the day will be vivid. Pete Sampras to watch the final, he said that if I have the opportunity to break his record, he will come to watch the game. Björn Borg has also seen the game, John McEnroe (John McEnroe) is a review of the event, while Rod Lawo (Rod Laver) also at the scene, the tennis sector Legend gathered in this. I remember taking the stadium a moment, they all went to the sidelines to congratulate me on the record of success challenges. A number of tennis celebrity support and encouragement to me, for me is very important.

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Every time you wear a rolex replica watch, good memories will emerge in my mind. It also reminds me that if you do not work, there are always other people in the effort, they will soon be beyond you. Therefore, you need unwavering will and determination, in order to be more brave, and on the pitch to implement the spirit of fair play and shape personal style.

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